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Among the millions of films with a predictable and erased plot, there are also real masterpieces that are able to smash standard scripts to smithereens.

Angel heart. Filmed in 1987. Private detective Harry Angel receives an order from a mysterious aristocrat to find the whereabouts of a shell-shocked man who did not fulfill the terms of a long-standing deal. They promised good payment, and Harry agrees. However, a seemingly simple matter the further, the more confused and overgrown with corpses.

Seven. Filmed in 1995. A very cruel crime thriller about a psychopathic killer who punishes his victims for their mortal sins. Before launching the film into production, the studio bosses insisted that the script be changed a little, namely, the ending should be rewritten. It is not known in what form the tape would have ended up, if Brad Pitt did not say your weighty word: the actor refused to participate in the project if someone dares to touch the ending.

Suspicious persons. In the original, the title of the film is translated as "The Common Suspects", which much more accurately reflects the essence of the events. After some bad guys attacked a yacht where other bad guys gathered, only one remains alive. Now he is the only clue of the investigator, eager to find the customer of the whole event - a semi-mythical villain named Kaiser Susa. For those who haven't watched it yet, this is a great opportunity to play detective.

A game. Discontinued in 1997. Dynamic and unexpected plot twists, combined with the original atmosphere of the film, make it a high-quality and exciting thriller. The denouement of the film, in principle, can be predicted in advance, but this does not make it less interesting to watch it. In addition, the paths the director takes us to the end of The Game are sometimes very, very non-standard.

Fight club. Filmed in 1999, a clerk, tormented by chronic insomnia and desperately trying to escape from an excruciatingly boring life, meets a certain Tyler Darden, a charismatic soap dealer with a twisted philosophy. At the end of the film, a shocking discovery awaits everyone, which can lead to unpredictable events.

Sixth Sense. Discontinued in 1999. A film about a terrible fate that a little boy of 9 years old will have to cope with. What can a child at this age do? That's right, one is nothing. But when an excellent specialist comes to his aid, a psychologist who does not consider him a psycho, sick, like others, the road becomes not so thorny for the boy. He tells the doctor more than even his own mother, and trusts him. When watching a movie, distract yourself from the "unexpected end". It is not important. The main thing is what happens to the characters, their feelings and the development of events.

Remember. Discontinued in 2000. Leonard Shelby is smartly and expensively dressed, drives a brand new jaguar, but lives in cheap motels. His goal in life is to find the murderer of his wife. His problem is a rare form of amnesia, loss of short memory: remembering everything before the murder, he does not remember what happened fifteen minutes ago. His companions are a Polaroid camera and tattoos on his body.

Vanilla Sky. Discontinued in 2001. It is surprising at times that life goes along with a person - it all begins on an ordinary day, and ends in an ice bag, while the mind enjoys the vanilla sky overhead. Did he expect such a fate? It is true that everything can change at any moment due to the fault of some little thing.

Mind games. From worldwide fame to sinful depths, John Forbes Nash Jr. has learned it all on his own skin. A mathematical genius, he did titanic work in the field of game theory at the dawn of his career, which turned this branch of mathematics and practically brought him international fame. However, literally at the same time, the arrogant and popular with women, Nash receives a stroke of fate that turns his own life upside down.

Others. "Others" is one of the most interesting films of this genre. There are really few such pictures: there is no lust, dismemberment and other signs of action in it. It attracts the viewer with a completely different, namely, a magnificent script, the denouement of which is simply amazing. The scenery and acting erases the illusion that you are watching a movie - it seems that you are together with the main characters, trying to "reach out" to the truth.

The Life of David Gale. Discontinued in 2002. A respectable intellectual, an ardent opponent of the death penalty, by a bitter irony of fate, ends up on death row for the murder of his colleague. A clever drama about how justice can be fatally flawed, and some people will easily overstep all boundaries in the struggle for an idea.

Secret window. Discontinued in 2004. “Johnny Depp,” “based on the novel by Stephen King,” are the keywords that should make you watch The Secret Window, putting off all the important and unimportant matters for later.

Lucky number Slevin. Discontinued in 2005. Slevin is unlucky. The house is sealed, the girl went to another ... His friend Nick leaves New York and offers Slevin to live in an empty apartment. At this time, a major crime boss, nicknamed The Boss, wants to settle accounts with his former partner Rabbi for the murder of his son and, in revenge, "order" his heir.

Key to all doors. Imagine that you have a key that opens all doors. It would seem that this gives great opportunities. But wouldn't you be afraid to walk through every door?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. One fine day, huge alien starships hovered over the Earth and people were announced that their home planet was to be demolished, and a gorgeous interstellar highway would be laid in its place. There is something to laugh about and something to think about. After all, there is some truth in every joke. And in every truth there is a grain of a joke.

Apostates. Filmed in 2006. The two best graduates of the police academy were on opposite sides of the barricade: one of them was a mafia agent in the ranks of law enforcement agencies, the other was a "mole" embedded in the mafia. Everyone considers it their duty to find and destroy the enemy, but the constant life in distorted realities changes the inner world of the heroes.

Prestige. The action of the film takes place about a century and a half ago, when various mysticism reigns in the world, but the focus is on tricks. Robert and Alfred are old friends-illusionists, but the careers of magicians make them compete. They disrupt contests, learn secrets from each other - in general, friends have become enemies. A film for lovers of a non-trivial plot and endings and for those who hate predictability.

Deja vu. It's nice when the title of the film coincides with its main meaning and no translation can spoil it. One gets the impression that humanity is still moving forward and the director and screenwriter are thinking more and more carefully about the reality of "games with time" and "flights to the future and past." In short, a good action game with elements of science fiction that is getting closer and closer to reality.

Mist. Discontinued in 2007. The dramatic horror by Frank Darabont, who directed, among other things, The Shawshank Redemption, is based on the novel by Stephen King and differs from the text, perhaps in the most important thing - the ending. We will not reveal the cards - let's just say that after watching the film, the writer was completely satisfied with its ending. And he even said that it was precisely this development of events that was implied in the book.

Moon 2112. Filmed in 2009. Sam's contract is coming to an end: he spent three years on the moon, keeping an eye on an automated rare gas station. Three long years all alone, except for the talking robot GERTY, can change anyone. Two weeks before returning to Earth, Sam meets his replacement.

Law abiding citizen. The district attorney made a deal with the criminals and released them from prison. Then the man, whose wife and child died at the hands of the murderers, decides to take revenge on the prosecutor, doing justice on his own. He is caught and imprisoned, but he unexpectedly gives an ultimatum: he will kill without leaving the bars if his demands are not met. A funny statement, but soon people really start to die.

Shutter Island. Two bailiffs are sent to one of the islands in Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of a patient of a mental hospital. During the investigation, they will have to face a web of lies, a hurricane that struck and a deadly riot of the clinic's inhabitants. We only add that the ending gives room for imagination - there will be something to discuss with friends.

Start. Discontinued in 2010. If you are a lover of calm, measured, light cinema, then "Inception" is not for you, but if you are a real connoisseur of good cinema, if you like to reflect on the plot and want to spend two and a half hours in enduring tension, and after watching the film, at least half an hour to be in prostration and delight, then you should definitely watch it.

Time loop. Discontinued in 2012. An extremely confusing futuristic action movie about the future, in which some bandits have learned to send unwanted persons to the past. Like all movies based on time travel, this one has its own fragile logic, which, however, is better not to think about it - just watch and have fun.

Best deal. Like most adventure thrillers, Best Deal has a fairly standard and straightforward narrative structure. And the viewer, without really straining the convolutions, will immediately be able to understand what the essence is. But "Best Offer", unlike other films of this genre, is a little different in its trick and in the way the director cleverly entangles the invisible threads of the plot, misleading everyone around.

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