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Meaning of the name

Agnes in Latin means "blameless", "chaste", "sheep".


These are lively, kind and courageous girls: little Agnessa will speak to the guests without shyness and with pleasure. They study well at school, especially mathematics and Russian. Go in for sports, but without visible results. They are leaders among their peers.

Honest, principled and fair, they often enter into an argument to prove their own. With age, their character hardly changes, except that it becomes more docile. It happens that some of them never get married, but married Agnes are hospitable and hospitable hostesses.

For Agnes is very characteristic of great pride and some detachment. The energy of her name implies sufficient emotionality, but it also contains a desire for restraint, for the manifestation of external coldness.

This combination is sometimes called "ice and fire" - after all, behind external coldness, emotions usually only begin to deepen and even the smallest feeling can outgrow a burning passion. Alas, such a character can hardly be called calm.

The most dangerous moment may be the heightened self-esteem of Agnes - her name is too extraordinary and noticeable, it too attracts attention and is able to inspire its mistress with the idea of ​​her exclusiveness, and maybe even of her right to rise above others.

At the same time, hiding behind a mask of restraint and dispassion, dangerous thoughts do not cause protest from others, at least until Agnes is in a hurry to take the place of the leader.

Ambition itself is not something negative, it just needs to be balanced with respect for other people, and it is the parents' job to instill that respect in Agnes. Otherwise, her inner passion will noticeably complicate her relationship with others, including with loved ones.

It is most favorable if, with the upbringing of Agnes, she learns to be more open and gentle, and at the same time smooths her pride with the help of a good sense of humor. This will help reveal the really positive sides of her character, such as endurance, patience. depth of feelings and good imagination In this case, her energy is able to ensure her a good career, and misunderstandings in the family will drastically decrease.

Do not try to deceive Agnes - you can deceive a person who lives by logic, while Agnes's deep and restrained feelings make her very discerning. In addition, when communicating with her, do not forget about her sensitive self-esteem - she is far from always able to accept and appreciate jokes addressed to her.


She is charming and intelligent, an interesting conversationalist who can cheer up a man with a cute joke. Agnes is sentimental, romantic, but at the same time she perfectly knows how to handle men, if she wants, she can lure the most persistent into her networks.

No one can compete with her in ingenuity when it comes to sex. She can support any conversation with any man on any, most intimate topic. Her quick mind is able to unmistakably understand a man, in his psychology, in his view of sex. She is sensitive, attractive, popular with men, but somehow gives the impression of a single woman.

She is not indifferent to sex, but sensual pleasure in itself does not give her complete satisfaction in bed, she is playful, affectionate and attentive to her partner. This woman is able to forgive a man's shortcomings, but does not tolerate insincerity, she does not mind being admired, but she does not like rude flattery.

Just loving Agnes is not enough, you still need to master all the difficult art of intimacy. Agnessa is able to unexpectedly for her partner, amaze him, to show previously unknown sexual abilities. She always enjoys the feeling of novelty in dealing with a man.

If Agnes something goes wrong in an intimate relationship, she withdraws into herself, suffers, but cannot clarify them in an open conversation with a partner. She would rather end all relations with him, although she will not stop suffering and worry.

Attaching to a man, she remains faithful to him, Agnes's devotion to her beloved is worth high compliments. To make her marriage lasting, it is better for her not to marry a "winter" man.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, Libra.


The sound of Agnes's name gives the impression of something simple.

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