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Today Apple Inc. It must be said that Apple is a reputable industry pioneer who was able to become a pioneer in many areas.

Thanks to the company, the first truly personal computers, the first color monitors, graphic operating systems, a mouse manipulator, and a personal audio player appeared. Apple's list of accomplishments goes on and on.

And the legendary company was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The guys were friends from school on the basis of love for technology. Jobs took a job at Atari, and Wozniak at Hewlett Packard. They decided to create a personal computer. The third co-founder of the new company was Ron Wayne, who at that time was a senior developer at Atari. In those days, such a thing as a personal computer simply did not exist. You could buy a kit for assembling for 3 thousand dollars or work on a computer in some large organization. So there was no question of the mass character of such products.

Wozniak and Jobs were able to create a really inexpensive personal computer, a wooden box served as a case for it. On April 1, 1976, the Apple Computer company was born, which was presented at the computer club. The spectacular performance attracted attention. The partners received an order for 50 computers the next day at a price of $ 500.

It was much cheaper than analogs. In addition, it was proposed to purchase a finished product immediately, and not a set of parts. The partners were able to collect the first batch in 29 days. The success inspired Jobs and Wozniak. Thanks to the activity of the former, other investors were found. On January 3, 1977, Apple Computer became a public company.

The real hit was the company's second computer, the Apple II. It was shown at the West Coast Computer Faire, where the creation of the young company became the main exhibit. This computer not only could reproduce sounds and show a color image, but also had a built-in programming language. Although the Apple II had a high $ 1,300 price tag, demand was strong. In total, the company was able to sell more than two million copies of this computer, offering it until 1990. In the first three years of sales of this equipment, the company's turnover grew to $ 10 million.

The company grew rapidly, by 1980 it had several thousand employees. Apple even entered the global market. But the new product introduced on May 19, 1980, the Apple II, was a failure. Users were asked to purchase an unfinished raw product for the amount of 4500-7800 dollars. Despite the modernization, popularity was not achieved, and the project was quietly curtailed. In parallel with this, Apple developed the Lisa computer. The powerful apparatus, despite the innovations, also proved to be a failure. Bad luck awaited the Lisa II.

The failure of high-profile projects forced Apple to pay attention to inexpensive solutions that are as user-friendly and affordable as possible. The Macintosh was born. This computer did not have outstanding features, it cost $ 2,500. A similar in configuration IBM PC cost 5 thousand dollars at that time. But Apple has managed to offer the latest graphical interface, albeit a spy from Xerox, as well as an unusual manipulator, "mouse".

In 1987, the Macintosh II was introduced, cementing the company's success in the market. By 1989, Apple was at the pinnacle of success, with its designs found everywhere - at home, in industry and in business. The company soon entered the laptop market, and its systems became increasingly complex.

In the 1990s, Apple continued to release lines using fast RISC processors. In addition to fast work, the company's computers were also an excellent design product. Apple ran an aggressive advertising campaign, heating up the fight against the PC line. By 1997, the company's affairs were in disarray, salvation was the return to the post of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in fact ousted in 1985 for his authoritarian style.

Having regained control of his brainchild, Jobs began to create revolutions one after another. This is how the simple and attractive iPod appeared in 2001. The popularity of the product led to the emergence of the iPod Touch with an already color screen. In 2006, it was decided to ditch PowerPC processors in favor of Intel solutions.

The real revolution was the release of a new phone, the iPhone, in 2007. The company has long dreamed of a convenient device that would combine a phone, a player and a communicator. Despite a number of inconveniences, the iPhone immediately won everyone's love. The next generation sold out even more. Phone sales have grown so rapidly that the company has managed to gain an impressive share of the smartphone market. Another revolution was the advent of the tablet computer, the iPad. At first, this product was ridiculed, called an enlarged iPhone, and Microsoft's similar experience at one time was unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, Apple was able to prove to humanity that such products are needed. Despite the fact that computer sales fell from 15% in the best years to just 4%, the company is now thriving. She produces successful phones, tablets, controls the market for applications for her devices, and has created an online music store. The company's products are distinguished by their style and personality; they are not soulless stamping.

Even Apple's advertising campaigns attracted attention. So, in 1984, Orwell's work of the same name was played out, where he called to destroy invisible walls with the help of Macintosh. And in 1997-1002, the advertising campaign "Think Different" was based on the image of geniuses who allegedly called for a change in thinking with the help of Apple products.

Today, the company's turnover exceeds $ 65 billion, and its net profit is more than 25 billion a year. Apple employs over 63,000 people around the world. In 2011, the founders and mastermind of the company, Steve Jobs, passed away, but his brainchild continues on the course he set. In August of the same year, Apple became the world's most expensive company in terms of capitalization, and a year later, a historic record fell.

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