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More than a thousand years ago, mineral springs were found on the territory of modern Georgia. The springs were forgotten for a long time, and the places where they were located were abandoned.

Oddly enough, but the rebirth of healing mineral waters is associated with the military. In 1829 the Kherson grenadier regiment was stationed in Borjomi. Once the soldiers found a water source in the forest, on the right bank of the river. Colonel Popov became interested in an unusual key, ordered to clear this place. Water from the spring began to be transported in bottles to the location of the shelf. The colonel, suffering from a stomach ailment, tested the effect of mineral water on himself. It turned out to be so beneficial that the military was ordered to immediately surround the source with stones, build a bathhouse and a small house nearby.

And in 1837, instead of the Kherson regiment, Georgian grenadiers came here. The waters of the spring and their effect on the human body began to be investigated by the regimental doctor Amirov. He sent the first samples from the source to Moscow and St. Petersburg. By 1841, the local water became famous throughout the region. Even the tsar's governor in the Caucasus brought his sick daughter here for treatment. The water is said to have helped a lot. In honor of the girl, the first source was named - Catherine. The second, by that time found and well-equipped, began to be called Evgenievsky, in honor of the governor himself. In 1850, a Mineral Water Park was created in Borjomi, and in 1854 they began to build the first bottling plant.

By that time, the fame of these healing springs had spread throughout Russia. Active construction has begun around Borjomi. Palaces, squares, parks and hotels appeared here. In 1894, a railway line from Khashuri was laid to Borjomi, which made the resort much more accessible. After all, they used to go here on horse-drawn phaetons. From Tbilisi to Borjomi the journey took 8-9 hours. At the same time, Mikhail Romanov created a bottling plant right in the Mineral Water Park. This plant operated until the middle of the 20th century, bottling water that is already famous all over the world. In 1896, a glass factory was opened, where, until 1950, bottles for mineral water were manually blown.

In 1904, the production of healing water was partially mechanized. Although the glass was still created by hand, the spill took place automatically. At the same time, a phrase appeared about the sale of Borjomi mineral water by carriages. After all, if in 1854 only 1350 bottles were removed from here, then half a century after the production was adjusted, 320 thousand bottles were already taken out. In 1913, 9 million units were delivered.

After the coming of Soviet power to the Caucasus, the popularity of water did not diminish. Instead of one elite, another began to come here. Romanov was replaced by Stalin, who adored spring water. Not a single event in the Kremlin was complete without Borjomi. During the thaw of the 1960s, the Borjomi brand gained an opportunity to become famous abroad. So, in 1961, more than 400 thousand bottles were exported to 15 countries of the world. Among them are France, Austria and even the United States. In the 1980s, 400 million bottles were sold per year in the USSR; this was the most popular water in the country.

In the early 1990s, the production of the legendary water was greatly reduced - Georgia was not up to it. But since 1995, Georgian Glass @ Mineral Water Co. N. V. " resumed bottling "Borjomi" at two plants at once. Production has grown 40 times compared to the times of decline. Today the gift of Georgian nature is supplied to 30 countries of the world. The mineral composition of Borjomi water has not changed since 1830, but it is mined from a depth of 200-1500 meters.

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