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People quickly become attached to something - each of us has our own hobbies or habits. And there are addictions that are also harmful to health.

Reading addiction. This incident surprised even psychiatrists. It turns out that an underlying ear disorder can lead to unhealthy reading cravings. Because of this, a person can no longer concentrate, he has groundless fears, worries and phobias. And after recovery, people begin to read a lot and greedily. After all, now this process is becoming so easy, bringing much more joy and pleasure. People who are addicted to books stop even sleeping, because they cannot tear themselves away from reading. Doctors say that some patients even quit their jobs.

Sunburn addiction. Who wouldn't want a bronze tan? But everything is good in moderation. After all, there is a dependence on sunburn, which is called tanorexia. Some have an obsessive desire to have dark skin, as a result, they are willing to give up their last resort in order to once again visit the solarium or get self-tanning. It is clear that this dependence is most common in young women. But it is worth remembering that excessive sunbathing can negatively affect health. There is some evidence that this addiction may have a biological basis. But treatments are still under study.

Dependence on drops from the common cold. Everyone knows that neither children nor adults like to be treated. Who wants to feel the beauty of mustard plasters, pills and drops? It turns out that there are adults who are so addicted to drugs that they continue to use them after recovery. One 33-year-old woman described how she has had an irresistible craving for nose drops for 7 years. At first, the medicine was used for colds, but the effect was so noticeable that she continued to drip the medicine even after she recovered. This led to the fact that the nose immediately "pawns". To get rid of such an addiction, doctors strongly recommend that you stop using drops, but she still cannot give up her habit.

Musical addiction. Andy's boyfriend listens to his IPOD almost around the clock. He does this both at work and at home, watching TV. The boss, colleagues and friends are rather condescending to such a quirk. But the girl was already worried, she believes that for this music has already become more important than relationships.

Ice cream addiction. It's hard to find someone who doesn't like ice cream. Some people like ice cream, while others prefer butter. But this can lead to addiction. So 51-year-old Susan loves sugar-free popsicles, and her love for the treat is such that she eats it 12 servings a day. A woman for 4 years did not know the measure in the use of ice cream. In the end, the doctors told her that such an addiction was nothing more than a clear sign of anemia. This disease is characterized by a decrease in the number of red blood cells, and the level of hemoglobin in the blood may decrease.

Crackberry is an addiction to Blackberry. There are sick people who simply cannot tear themselves away from their phone. They constantly check their mail in it, listen to messages. This is a real Blackberry addiction. Experts say the emails on the machine literally make their lives meaningful. People are starting to feel important. To treat Crackberry, like any such addiction (from the Internet or e-mail), there is only one way - by forcibly tearing away from the object of hobby.

Addiction to cosmetic surgery. Those who do not suffer from such addiction, after a visit to a plastic surgeon, forget about it, being content with the result. But more and more often you can meet peculiar drug addicts. They want to go through another procedure, then another and another. And all this in pursuit of an impeccable image. Did you make a breast? It's time to make the nose, then the eyes. And so on ad infinitum. Such dependence will lead to the fact that the body becomes simply terrible. The famous drug addict and millionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein has already spent $ 4 million trying to make herself beautiful. The result is depressing. Although she considers herself irresistible, everyone calls her nothing but the bride of Frankenstein. The exact reason for this dependence is unknown. Doctors believe that a complex combination of not only psychological, but also biological and even environmental factors is to blame.

Pagophagia, addiction to ice. Pagophagia is an obsessive desire to constantly chew ice. Scientific studies have shown that this abnormality can be a sign of low iron levels in the blood. Introducing vitamins "B" into the diet can help increase the production of red blood cells, and vitamin "C" will help the body absorb iron. So this deviation is quite possible to fight.

Funeral tendency. This addiction is so unique that experts don't even know what to call it. Brazilian Luis Squarizi suffers from his addiction to funerals. The 42-year-old resident of Batatais has taken part in every mourning event in his city over the past 20 years. He even had to quit his job in order to fully please his addiction. Louis was deeply shaken by the death of his father in 1983. Now the first thing he does every morning is turn on the radio. If there is no news of the death of anyone, then he calls the hospital and morgue. And the local funeral home doesn't want Louis to get treatment. After all, everyone expects to see him at the funeral.

Geophagy, addiction to dirt. The unusual practice of eating land is fairly well documented in medical and anthropological journals. It was called geophagy. The social norms of Western society are quite strong, so this addiction is quite common among primitive or economically backward peoples. It also occurs in animals that in this way replenish their meager or scarce reserves of minerals. This practice is common in people who have chronic mental illness. But in the slums of Haiti, people make and eat pies from the ground every day. It is mixed with water and filtered through cheesecloth to remove inedible stones. The dough is then shaped into pancakes and fried. This dish can be purchased at local markets for five coins. Fortunately, such food is not exported, but just in case, keep an eye on the supermarket shelves. Quite a lot of fame has come to one girl from Inner Mongolia, who for 11 out of her 18 years lives on land.

Addicted to teeth whitening. It seems that there are more and more people who bleach their teeth so often that it turns into an addiction. After this simple and effective procedure has passed, people want to come back to it again and again. But this addiction has a couple of side effects - increased sensitivity of the teeth and irritation of the gums. Today, in the United States alone, almost $ 1.5 billion is spent a year on teeth whitening and related procedures.

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