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Meaning of the name

Efim translated from ancient Greek means "complacent".


Agile and active, he is not always easy to communicate. Internal stability, diligence, developed intuition, high intelligence, sociability, receptivity.

Yefim is very sensitive, but he never annoys anyone with his spiritual subtlety - he is peaceful, sympathetic, kind. He has a large supply of vitality and extraordinary hard work.

He is neat to the point of tediousness, which he will demand from his wife, as well as unshakable loyalty. Himself, too, will actually be true, although mentally capable of being carried away quite far.

Efim is proud, proud and straightforward, which often leads him to careless actions. His life could have flowed completely calmly, if not for an excessive attraction to love experiences.

Sometimes Yefim, suffering himself, gladly makes others suffer. He is selfish enough, but at the same time he is smart enough to suppress his egoism in some situations.

Efim is a subtle psychologist who likes to analyze the actions of people. He has a sensitive nervous system. He is squeamish, receptive and sentimental. Oversensitive, excessive intuition.

Efim is by nature artistic, he feels well the psychological state of others, which allows him to easily adapt to people and have them to himself.

Yefim is selfish enough, very sensitive to the slightest trouble, especially to the infringement of his freedom. Easily falls into pessimism. Prone to nervous and mental stress.

Prone to being overweight. The weak point is the eyes. It is recommended to monitor your blood pressure. Also susceptible to diseases of the digestive system. He needs to eat rationally.

Outwardly, Efim looks like his mother. Before marrying, Yefim will certainly try to check whether the future wife is capable of being faithful to him and how well she cooks.

He is a gourmet, and the one who decides to marry Efim will have to put up with this. However, this has its advantages: Efim does not spare money for food and buys everything himself.

He is selfish, but at the same time he is smart enough to suppress his selfishness in some situations. Moderately jealous. He rarely abuses alcohol, many Efims do not drink at all.


In sexual life, he is careful, but knows how to please his girlfriend. For Efim, the main thing in sex is an erection and orgasm, while for his partner the feeling of closeness and tenderness may be no less important than sexual arousal.

It can be difficult for Efim to achieve sexual harmony, but he strives for it and finds it with a woman who knows how to meet his desires, helps him to fully reveal his sexual potential.

Efim does not like loneliness, although he can live in any conditions and feel happy at the same time. He is proud, proud and straightforward, and this often leads him to careless actions. He is squeamish and sensitive, receptive and sentimental.

Starting with non-binding sexual contact, she can become attached to her friend forever. He is very susceptible to the influence of his partner, however, he himself is able to influence her.

His life could have flowed completely calmly, if not for an excessive attraction to love experiences. Efim is capable of violent hobbies, he is sexier than others, knows a lot about women, but if life offers him a choice between love and marital duty, he will certainly choose the latter.

After a divorce, she does not marry for a long time, but she cannot live without women. The nature is carried away, amorous. From the first marriage, as a rule, a daughter remains. He is happier in remarriage.


Dark blue green.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Efim gives the impression of something complex, rough, dark, gentle, feminine, slow, slow, sad.

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