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Meaning of the name

Emelyan translated from ancient Greek means "pleasant in word."


As a child, Emelyan is a very stubborn and cocky child. He studies well at school, he has many friends, he is respected and loved for his honesty, kindness and striving for justice.

Emelyan is stable in his beliefs and principles. He loves to plan all his affairs carefully, does not tolerate fuss and rush.

Emelyan is constant in friendship and affection, his friends remain so throughout his life. He values ​​friendship, and is always ready to help a friend in any trouble.

Emelyan is incredulous, no one knows his secrets and secrets, even the closest people remain in the dark.

Emelyan can work anywhere, as long as the work concerns technology. He likes to tinker with any technique for a long time, even without having the appropriate knowledge, on an intuitive level, he will eliminate any problem.


Emelyan is very sensitive, loves flattery, compliments, but never believes them. With women, he is attentive and caring, Emelyan is a gentle and affectionate lover. He will never miss an opportunity to show them how much he appreciates their charms.

Emelyan's love affairs are endless. For him, love is a form of self-affirmation in the erotic sphere, recognition of his sexual abilities.

Emelyan quickly gets used to changes in the environment, loves to bring joy to a woman, even to the detriment of himself, asks her to tell about her wishes. During the first intimacy, he can be very active, but sometimes he just wants to hug his woman and fall asleep next to her.

In order to show high sexual qualities, Emelyan must love a woman. In love, he needs a patient woman who can understand the complexities of his difficult character and share joy with him, he does not tolerate any manifestation of rudeness on the part of a woman.

Emelyan does not cheat on his wife and he himself will never forgive even a slight flirtation with another man. He is an excellent lover, always full of energy and cheerfulness, elegant and damn charming.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Leo.


The sound of the name Emelyan gives the impression of something active, brave.

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