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Sabella - God is my oath
Sabina - sweet
Saber - black
Sabrin - severn, name of a river in England
Sabrina - severn, name of a river in England
Savana - Savannah
Savannah - savannah
Sadi the princess
Saive - sweet
Sal - princess
Salina - the moon
Sally is a princess
Saloum - world
Samantha - God Listened
Sami - God listened
Summer - summer
Sammi - God listened
Sammaya - God listened
Sandy - Sunday
Sandy is the protector of humanity
Sunny - cheerful, sunny
Sunshine - light
Sapphire - sapphire
Sara is a princess
Saranna - princess and good, grace
Sarahjin - princess
Sarai - princess
Saria - princess
Sarina - serene, calm
Sarah the princess
Saffron is the name of the spice that is derived from the saffron flower
Cedar - cedar
Sage the sage
Sailna - the moon
Sequoyya - pig's leg
Selby - lodged
Selena - moon
Celeste - heavenly
Selina - the moon
Selma - God's protection
Seona is a good god
September - seventh
Septima - the seventh
Serena - serene, calm
Serenity - calm
Serina - serene
Serrena - serene
Cecilia is blind
Sessie is blind
Sybil the fortuneteller
Sybil the fortune teller
Cybill the fortuneteller
Sibylla the fortuneteller
Sydn - Saint Denis
Sydney - Saint Denis
Sydney - Saint Denis
Sayal - sky
Sayana - to be old
Sayanna - to be old
Silber - silver
Silvana - from the forest
Silvi - from the forest
Silestine - heavenly
Seeley - Slim
Silinda - happy
Celia is heaven
Sylvia - from the forest
Symphony - matching sounds
Cinderella - Small Ash
Cindy is a woman from Quinthos
Sinn is good god
Cynthia is a woman from Quinthos
Sicelia - blind
Sissy - free, blind
Sitlin - blameless, chaste
Sky - sky
Scarlet - scarlet, dyer or fabric saleswoman
Scarlett - Dyer or Fabric Saleswoman, Scarlet Fabric
Sky - sky
Skylar - protector, protecting
Skiler - protector, protecting
Scout - Boy Scout
Squiler - protector, protecting
Sloane the Little Raider
Sulli - princess
Sondra - Protector of Humanity
Sorrel - sorrel
Sophie - wisdom
Sofia - wisdom
Sophie - wisdom
Sparrow - sparrow
Spirit - spirit
Spring - spring
Stackey - reconstituted
Stacks - restored
Stacks - restored
Star is a star
Starla is a star
Stasia - good harvest, stability
Stella is a star
Steph - crown
Stephanie - crown
Stephanie - crown
Stevie - crown
Storm - storm
Stacks - Recovered
Staffy - crown
Suellen - lily
Susan - lily
Susanna - lily
Susi - lily
Bitches - lily
Sierra - mountain range
Sue - lily
Susan - lily
Susie - lily
Sam - listening to God
Susan - lily
Suzanne - lily
Suzette - lily

Tabata - gazelle
Tabby Gazelle
Tabitha the Gazelle
Tajuana is a good god
Talalla - Princess of Plenty
Talita is a little girl
Talisha - dew
Tamzen is a twin
Tami - palm and twin
Tamika - friendly
Tamiya - palm
Tammara - palm tree
Tammy - Palm and Twin
Tammaya - palm and twin
Tamra - palm tree
Tamsen is a twin
Tamsin is a twin
Tamson is a twin
Tanzi - Tansi flower and immortal
Tani - light brown, yellowish brown
Tania - father
Tansi - flower of tansi
Tara - hill
Tarina - the hill
Tasia - restored
Tatum - farm
Tatyanna - father
Taunie - light brown, yellowish brown
Twilah - twilight
Twill - twilight
Thea is a gift from god
Tailtta - little girl
Teimka - sweet
Teimla - palm and honey
Teimra - palm
Tainzi - Tansi flower and immortal
Teira - hill
Tekla - the glory of God
Temperance - moderation
Tempest - storm, violent storm
Temple - temples
Tera - earth
Teresa the reaper
Teri the reaper
Terra - earth
Terry the reaper
Terraya the Reaper
Tessa the reaper
Tessie the reaper
Tetty is god is my oath
Tiana is a follower of Christ
Tianna is a follower of Christ
Tiara - diadem
Tibby is gazelle and brave
Thiil - duck or blue-green
Teal - duck or blue-green
Tilda - powerful in battle
Tyler - roof
Tili - powerful in battle
Tilly is powerful in battle
Timasa - God-worshiper
Timotea - God-worshiper
Tina is an abbreviation for long names ending in "... tina"
Tyrra - land
Titania - of titans
Titty - happiness
Tiffany - a manifestation of God
Tiffany is a manifestation of god
Tisha is happiness
Tia is an abbreviation for long names ending in "... tia"
Thomasin is a twin
Thomasina - twin
Tony - invaluable, light brown, yellowish brown
Tonner - tanning cream for skin
Tonny - invaluable, light brown, yellowish brown
Tonya is invaluable
Topaz - topaz, high temperature, fire
Toppsy - Topsel
Topsay - Topsale
Topsi - topsail
Thoria conqueror, victory
Toruses - conqueror, victory
Toti is a man
Totti is a man
Toya is a toy used as an affectionate
Trakei - place Trakius
Truckee - Place Tracius
Trakki - place Trakius
Trafford - ford
Trace - Place Trakius
Tracy - Place Tracius
Tracy is a noblewoman
Tresha is a noblewoman
Trix - a traveler (for life)
Trixie - the traveler (for life)
Trina is pure
Trinity - Trinity
Tricia - noblewoman
Trish is a noblewoman
Tricia is a noblewoman
Trishue is a treasure
Tria - earthly mother
Trudey - the power of the spear
Trudy - the power of the spear
Labor is the power of the spear
Tayler - fabric cutting, cutter
Taylor - Fabric Cutter, Cutter
Tate - funny
Tera the reaper
Terry the reaper
Tess the reaper

Una - hunger
Unag - hunger
Whonda the wanderer
Ursula - the little bear

Faun - fawn
Fae - fairy
Fait - faith
Fiona - the vine
Fionola - white shoulder
Fanessa - appearing
Fani - free
Fanny is free
Fancy - fantasy, desired, addiction, whim
Headlight - joy
Farley - fern cleansing
Farrah - joy
Phoebus - shining
Fairy - Fairy
Felina - feline
Felicity - luck
Felicia - lucky
Felice is lucky
Felisha - lucky
Fenella - white shoulder
Pheob - shining
Fern - fern
Filipa is a horse lover
Philippa is a horse lover
The Philippines is a horse lover
The Philippines is a horse lover
Phyllis - foliage
Phyllida - foliage
Phyllis - foliage
Phyllis - foliage
Philomel - sweet singer, nightingale
Fimi - suave
Finella - white shoulder
Phoenix - dark red
Finola - white shoulder
Firn - beauty, brightness
Flower - flower
Fleeretta - small flower
Fleur - flower
Flick - lucky
Flicka - lucky and fortune
Flo - blooming and flower
Floella - blooming, flower and foreign
Flor - flower
Flora - flower
Florine - flower
Florence - flower
Floret - small flower
Floretta - small flower
Flory - flower
Florinda - flower
Florrie - flower
Flossie - flower
Phoebus - shining
Background - fawn
Fortune is luck
Fran - free
Frankine - free
Frankin - free
Frannie is free
Francis - free
Freda - the power of an elf
Freddie is a peaceful ruler
Frederica is a peaceful ruler
Frida - the power of an elf
Frankie - free
Faye is a fairy
Feyze - faith
Farn - fern

Hadley - heather field
Heidi - noble kind
Jaime - the displacer
Khaley - hay
Hali - hay
Hana - kind, merciful
Hani - benefit, grace
Hannah - kind, merciful
Hanni - honey, benefit, grace
Hunter the hunter
Hara - pure
Harley - rocky area
Harmony - consonant, harmony
Harper - harp player
Harrit - House Ruler
Harritta - House Ruler
Hartley - deer forest
Hattie - House Ruler
Heather - Heather
Hayes - reddish brown color or walnut
Hazel - reddish brown
Hayley - hay
Helene - torch, moon or secretly escape
Helin - torch, moon or secretly escape
Hellen - torch, moon or secretly escape
Henritte - House Ruler
Hester is a star
Hetty - House Ruler
Hyacinth - hyacinth flower
Hilary - joyful, happy
Hilda - slain
Hillary - joyful, happy
Hilda - slain
Chloe - Green Hunt
Chloe - Green Hunt
Hosanna - posture
Holly is the name of an evergreen bush, tree
Holly - Hay
Hollis - living near oak trees
Honor - honor, valor
Honor - honor, valor
Choratia - has good eyesight
Hortens - garden
Hortense - garden
Hounor - honor, valor
Hope - hope
Haven - shelter, refuge, home of god, early sky
Hayden Valley
Heidi - noble kind, modest
Hayley - hay
Hayley - Hay
Happy - happy
Hattie - House Ruler

Cyan - dark blue enamel
Zinnia - zinnia (flower)

Chaziti - purity
Chyna is a musical instrument
Chana - kind, merciful
Chanell - trumpet
Chantail - a stone place
Chantel - a stone place
Chanel - trumpet
Charis - grace
Charissa - grace
Charita - dear
Charity - dear
Charla is a human
Charline is a human
Charlie is a man
Charlaya is a man
Charlene is a human
Charlene is a man
Charmian - delightful
Charmain - singing
Particles - pure
Chevonn is a good god
Chelis - cup
Chell - Who Is Like God?
Chelsei - landing site, port
Chelsea - landing site, port
Chelsaya - landing site, port
Chance is a chance
Cher is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Cher"
Ceret - beloved
Cherie is the beloved
Cheraya - beloved
Cherise - cherry
Cheryl is a favorite
Cherilyn - honey, lake
Cheris - cherry
Cherish - cherish her
Cherokee - Native American names
Cherry is a favorite
Cheyanne - Native American names
Chyna is a musical instrument
Chauncey - Record Keeper, Secretary
Chant - sung

Sha - like a hawk
Shavon is a good god
Shaelin - like a hawk and a lake
Cheyenne - Native American names
Shaquila - beautiful
Shang is a good god
Shana is a good god, lily
Chanel is a good god
Shanika is a good god
Shanikua - good god
Shanin is a good god
Shanis is a good god
Shania is a good god
Shanna - lily
Shannen is an old river
Shannon is an old river
Shanta is a stone place
Chantel - a stone place
Chantel - a stone place
Sharalin - an expensive lake
Shari - beloved
Shariz - cherry
Sharyl - beloved
Sharin - Plain
Sharla is a human
Charlene is a human
Charlotte is a human
Charmaine - singing
Sharona - Plain
Sharron - Plain
Sheba - oath
Shevon is a good god
Shewone is a good god
Shay - like a hawk
Sheila is blind
Shelag - blind
Shelby - living in a hut
Shelena - the moon
Shelia - blind
Shell - Who Is Like God?
Shelley - living near the slope
Shena is a good god
Sheona is a good god
Sheri is the favorite
Sheraia - beloved
Cheryl is a favorite
Sherilyn - honey, lake
Sheris - cherry
Sherley is a beautiful settlement
Shirley is a beautiful settlement
Sherri is a favorite
Shi - like a hawk
Sheela - blind
Shilag - blind
Shina is a good god
Shinag is a good god
Shirley is a beautiful settlement
Shona is a good god
Shonda is a good god
Shawnee - Southern Man
Shay - like a hawk
Sheila - blind
Shailene is like a hawk and a lake
Shane is a good god
Sharon - Plain

Abby - making her father happy
Ebbaya - pleasing her father
Ebony - Ebony Forest
Evaline is a small bird
Evangeline - good news
Evelyn is a small bird
Evelyna is a small bird
Evelyn is a small bird
Evelina is a small bird
Evelia - live
Everett - strong as a hog
Evet - yew tree
Evie - alive
Evon - yew tree
Aggie is chaste and good
Eglantina - sweet rose
Adwina is a rich friend
Edvena is a rich friend
Edwina is a rich friend
Eddie is a noble kind
Edie - welfare, struggle
Edize - welfare, struggle
Ediltrudis - noble power
Edina is a rich friend
Edith - welfare, struggle
Edita - welfare, struggle
Edna is the core
Eden is a bear cub, a place of pleasure
Ezeldreda - Noble Strength
Ezelinda - the noble snake
Ezelfleda - noble beauty
Avery - a consulted elf
Avis is a bird
Avise - bird
Eileen is a bird
Aimei - very beloved
Amy is a very beloved
Ein is the only one
April - open
Elaine - torch, moon or secretly escape
Elayora - my god is easy
Elanor - Starlight
Eldred's - Ancient Meeting
Elea - foreign, different
Eleanor - foreign, different
Helen - torch, moon or secretly escape
Elena - torch, moon or secretly escape
Helenora - foreign, different
Eleanor - foreign, different
Eleanor - foreign, different
Elise - god is my oath struck by lightning
Eliza - God is my oath
Elizabeth - God is my oath
Elizabte - God is my oath
Elin is a bird
Elinor - foreign, different
Elinora - foreign, different
Alice is a noble species, god is my oath
Elicia - a noble species struck by lightning
Alison is a noble kind
Elissa - god - my oath, beetroot flower
Elisha - noble kind
Elishia is a noble species
Ell - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ella - foreign, different
Ellen - torch, moon or secretly escape
Ellenor - foreign, different
Ellery - joyful, happy
Ellie is foreign, different
Allison - noble kind
Elmira - exalted, princess
Eloise is very healthy
Eloise is very healthy
Elsbeth - God is my oath
Elsabt - God is my oath
Elsie is god is my oath
Elspeth - God is my oath
Elspie - god is my oath
Elfred - the power of an elf
Elfrida - the power of an elf
El - foreign, different
Elba - soot, dirt
Elsa - god is my oath
Elfrida - the strength of an elf
Em is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Em"
Emely - competing
Emelia - work
Emerald - emerald
Amy is very beloved
Emiline - work
Emily rival
Emilyn - work
Emilia - work
Amity - friendship
Emlyn - work
Emma - everything, whole
Emmaline - work
Emmeline - work
Emmett - everything, whole
Emmy - whole, whole
Emmaya - whole, whole
Ena is the core
Angie - angel messenger
Andy is a human warrior
Enima - soul
Ann - good, grace
Annie - good, grace
Ann-Mary - favor, grace, and sweetheart
Enola - one
Enya is the core
Epiphany - baptized
Epona - horse, mare
Eppie - suave
Erica is the ruler
Ericka is the ruler
Erin is the world
Erisa is the ruler
Erma - everything, whole, universal
Ernesta - fighting death
Ernestine - fighting death
Esmerelda - emerald
Esmeralda - emerald
Essa is a star
Essense - essence, being
Essie is a star
Esta is a star
Estelle is a star
Esther is a star, Easter, April
Este is a star
Etna - the core
Etta - a little
Etty is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Et"
Etkhna - the core
Ethel - noble
Effie - courteous
Effaya - courteous
Echo - echo, sound
Ash - ash
Ashley - Ash Grove

Eugenia - Well Born
Yula - courteous
Yulalia - courteous
Julia - suave
Eunice is a good win
Unity - exclusivity, unity
Eustacia - good harvest, stability

Yazmin - jasmine flower
Yanik is a good god
Yannick is a good god
Jasmine - jasmine flower
Yasmina - jasmine flower
Jasmine - jasmine flower

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