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Laverne - alder (tree)
Lovell is a small wolf
Laz - from Laurentum
Lyle - from the island
Lionel the lion
Lucky is lucky
Lanny is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Lan"
Lanford - long ford
Lark is a songbird
Larkin - from Laurentum
Larry - from Laurentum
Levy - tied, attached, attached
Leivrne - alder (tree)
Lane - narrow path
Leighton - thickets of onions
Lex is the protector of humanity
Leland - steam land
Lem - owned by god
Lemmy - owned by god
Lemuel - belonging to God
Flax is a strong lion
Lenard is a strong lion
Leni is a strong lion
Lennard is a strong lion
Lenny is a strong lion
Leo is a lion
Leon - lion
Leonard is a strong lion
Leopold is a brave man
Leroy is the king
Forest - a garden of oaks
Leslie - Oak Garden
Leicester - Fort Ligora
Lee - meadow
Leah - meadow
Lin - lake
Lyndon - hill of lime trees
Lindsay - Lincoln Wetlands
Lindsay - Lincoln Wetlands
Lincoln - a group of lakes
Lynn Lake
Linsay - Lincoln Wetlands
Linton - thickets of cotton, flax
Linus is a cry of sorrow
Linford - maple ford
Leeroy is the king
Lysander - free, liberator
Leaton - thickets of onions
Likhnis - champion
Lloyd - gray-haired
Llew - Oath of Belenus
Llewelyn - Oath of Belenus
Llewellyn - Oath of Belenus
Lo - from Laurentum
Lovely - small wolf
Loyd - gray-haired
Lon - noble and ready
London - from London
Lonnie - noble and ready
Lons - land
Lauren - from Laurentum
Lawrence - from Laurentum
Lori - from Lorentum
Lauryn - from Laurentum
Lorne - a place in Scotland called Lorne
Lorrin - from Lorentum
Lawson is the son of the law
Lowell is a small wolf
Lou is a famous warrior
Ludo is a famous warrior
Louis is a famous warrior
Lucian - light
Lewin - lover, dear friend
Lewis is a famous warrior
Lake - lake
Lane - living in the alley
Layton - onion
Landon - Long Hill
Lance - earth, spear (weapon), landing
Larry - from Laurentum
Louis is a famous warrior
Luke - from Lucania
Lux - light
Luther is a warrior

Maverick is an unbranded animal, independent
Madison - Maidd's son
Mike is like a god
Michael is like a god
Miles - goodness, grace
Myron - the world
Makei - a gift from God
Mackenzie - pretty, well made
Poppies - a gift from God
Macintosh - pretty, exactly made
Mackenzie - pretty, exactly made
Max is the biggest
Maxwell - Stream
Maximillian is the biggest
Malachi is my messenger
Malcolm - an admirer of St. Columbus
Malone - regular
Manley - clarifying
Manny - God - with us
Mannix the little monk
Marvin is an outstanding entity
Marius - masculine, mature
Mark - militant
Marco is militant
Marcus is warlike
Marlene is a little warrior
Marlin is a little warrior
Marlon is a little warrior
Marlow Lake
Marmaduke is a fan of Madoc
Murray - sea warrior
Marty - from Mars
Martial - from Mars
Martin - from Mars
Marshal - Horse Keeper or Blacksmith
Marshall - Horse Keeper
Freemason - stone worker
Masterman is the owner
Matti is a gift from God and mighty in battle
Honey - living by the meadow
Melville - bad location
Melvin is a gentle leader
Melbourne - mill
Merv is an amazing, outstanding partner
Mervyn is an amazing, outstanding partner
Murdi - sea warrior
Murdo - sea warrior
Murdoch - sea warrior
Meredith - Sea Lord
Merit - border gate
Merle - Blackbird
Merlin - sea fort
Merrill - sea light
Merritt - Granite Gate
Merton - located by the lake
Murphy - sea warrior
Mead - living by the meadow
Meed - living by the meadow
Mick is like a god
Mika is like a god
Miki is like a god
Mickey is like a god
Milburn - mill
Millard - guarding the mill
Cute - benefit, grace
Milton - mill settlement
Milford - mill by the ford
Mitchell - Like God
Mitch - like a god
Micha - like a god
Michil - like a god
Mo is black, moor, and lover
Moz - born (son), saved (from water)
Moses - saved (from water)
Molcom - an admirer of St. Columbus
Monroe - roe deer mouth
Montagyu - high hill
Montgomery - Momery Hill
Monte Carlo - Mount Marla
Monty - High Hill
Montmorenki - Morentius Hill
Morgan - sea circle
Morgen - sea circle
Mordecai - follower of Marduk
Maurice - black, Moor
Morley - swamp
Morris - black, moor
Mort - Dead Sea settlement
Morty - peat settlement, sailor
Mortimer - Dead Sea, sailor
Morton - Peat Bog Settlement
Moss - Rescued (from the water)
Moe - born / son saved (from water)
Mulava - spice or weapon
Maynard - strong and brave
Maynerd - strong and brave
Mayor - advice
Mason - stone worker
Maitland - evil
Malorie - unlucky, unhappy
Mel is an abbreviation of longer names starting with "Mel"
Marian the lover
Marion - like Marius
Mat is a gift from God
Matt is a gift from god
Matty is a gift from god
Matthew is a gift from god

Nazanil - given by God
Nigel is the champion
Niles is the champion
Nandi - Ready To Ride
Nat is a gift
Nathan - a gift
Nawell is the birthday of god
Ours is living
Nevada - snowy
Nevan is a little saint
Neville is a new city
Neville is a new town
Ned - Guardian of Prosperity
Neil is the champion
Neill is the champion
Nate is a gift
Nelson is Neil's son
Neo - new
Nivek - a little pretty, beloved
Niven is a bit of a saint
Nick - owned by the lord, victory of the people
Nikk - victory of people
Nikki - victory of the people
Nicholas - the victory of the people
Neely is the champion
Nimbus - a bright cloud surrounding god, fog
Noah - rest
Nolan is the champion
Knoll - the elf army
Norbert - northern light
Norwood - boreal forest
Norm is a northern man
Norman - northern man
Normand - northern man
Norris is a dweller of the north
Norton - northern settlement
Noble - noble
Noel - christmas, god's birthday
Newt is a new settlement
Newton is a new settlement

Oberon - Elf Bear
Obin - from Elba
Aubrey - Elf Power
Augustine - venerable
Ogden - oak grove
August - August
Odell - Wade Hill
Odley - Ildgit's clean woodland
Odran - a little painful
Oz, Ozzy is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Oz"
Ocean - ocean
Albee - white
Albane - white
Oldwen is an old friend
Oldwin is an old friend
Alden is an old friend
Oldin is an old friend
Oldis - old
Aldon is an old friend
Aldous - old
Aldred - old advice
Oldus - old
Oldford - old river ford
Olya - heir, descendant
Oli - elf army
Oliver - Elf Army
Ollaster - Defender of Humanity
Ollastir - Defender of Humanity
Allgar - Elf Spear
Allger - Elf Spear
Ollie - Elf Army
Ollin is handsome
Ollisdair - Defender of Humanity
Ollister - Defender of Humanity
Allistair - Defender of Humanity
Ollon - handsome
Olleistar - Defender of Humanity
Omega is the last child
Ora - pray
Oran is a little painful
Orval - the golden city
Orville - the city of gold
Orian - privileged birth
Ormerod - Cleansing Ormarr
Orrell - Ore Hill
Orrin is a little sickly
Orson the bear
Osbert - the light of god
Osbourne - bear
Osborne the bear
Oswald is a strong city
Fall - fall
Oscar the deer lover
Austen - venerable
Austin - venerable
Otis is Otto's son
Ottis - son of Otto
Owin - well born
Owen - Well Born
Oshin is a small deer


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