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In each country, family traditions are quite diverse and rich, even despite the fact that the civilized world makes its own adjustments to each family, disrupting the way that has developed over the years.

More or less young countries that are free to combine the modern standard of living with their family values ​​and customs can easily succumb to changes.

The situation is more complicated in those countries where for many centuries family values ​​and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation, which to break means to change everything that was dear.

Still, if you look at the families of different countries, you can see what people themselves may no longer notice. They live according to strict rules that have changed only slightly. These rules were not established by themselves, but by their parents, but for the parents, in turn, by their parents, and so on.

Even family holidays and events take place in each family in different ways, and these holidays are celebrated according to national traditions, which will still be preserved at least to a small extent in every country.

Slovakia is a country in which the modern world has made significant changes. However, the family in Slovakia still has one distinguishing feature in that people here have learned to perfectly combine modern rules and way of life with ancient, long-standing traditions and customs.

This is largely reflected in the celebration of family and traditional public holidays. No one violates the rules by which it is customary to celebrate a national holiday, everyone follows the strict rules that establish the traditions of the nation.

All family holidays in Slovakia bring together all relatives, regardless of whether they live in the same city or in different countries, but the holiday unites them all together. Perhaps they will all disperse after the holiday, and will not communicate until the next such meeting, but the most important thing is that they gathered at the same table, as tradition requires.

At such events, a friendly atmosphere always reigns, when relatives exchange news, share their achievements and the achievements of their children, discuss the latest news. Holidays are amicable and very fun.

An example of the brightest tradition for Slovak families is such a holiday as New Year, beloved and long awaited by everyone. This is a holiday that is simply full of various traditions and rules that are strictly observed in every family.

There are, of course, exceptions, but basically every family celebrates this holiday the way it was many years ago. All traditions in the New Year are connected with attracting prosperity, luck, love and happiness to the home and family in the New Year.

Christmas in Slovakia is also surrounded by numerous traditions, one of which is that all family members must fast before Christmas and eat nothing. The fast will end only when the first star appears in the sky, which is considered the symbol of the Bartholomew Star. The appearance of the first star indicates the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, after the rising of the first star, it is still necessary to observe a number of rituals, one of which is washing the face and hands of all family members before starting the meal. This rite is intended so that on this significant day everyone enters cleansed of adversity and starts from scratch.

Part of this ritual is that it is necessary to find the largest coin in the house and perform a ritual ablution over it, so that the new year will bring prosperity to the house.

After the bathing ceremony in Slovakia, you can start your Christmas meal. For each nationality, a table is assembled, which consists of the best traditional national dishes, and all traditions are always observed at the table, even in those families where traditions have been completely forgotten.

In Slovakia, it is not customary to put knives on the Christmas table, because they can bring discord and constant quarrels to the family, and these quarrels will not leave the house all year round. The festive table itself in Slovak families is very rich with a large selection of various national dishes, but dishes from fatty foods are excluded. This is due to the significance of the holiday.

In Slovakia, it is customary for all family and other holidays to take all children, even the smallest, in order to accustom them to their common family, so that they can see that family and kinship relationships mean a lot for each family member.

Children in the family are brought up quite freely, the main thing is that they learn the basic life values ​​and rules according to which they must respect their parents and elders, value their national and family traditions.

In other cases, children feel rather free among adults and understand perfectly well when they should not interfere in the conversations of adults, and when they can take a moment and ask a question.

As a result, at family holidays in Slovakia, one cannot meet, children's disrespect for the elderly and their communication, and it is very rare to see a capricious child. In most cases, in Slovakia, children and parents communicate on an equal footing.

The almost complete equality in Slovak families, the observance of all rules and customs during family holidays and other important events is an excellent example of ideal family relations, if not for the presence in this of some of the nuances of family relations, when relatives hardly keep in touch with each other. Sometimes relatives can lose sight of each other even for several years.

Difficult family relations in Slovakia are due to the fact that parents themselves do not try to keep their children near them, and live separately. Children also rarely seek help from their parents and do not offer their own help unless asked to do so.

The independence of parents and children naturally leads to the collapse of many kinship and family ties, and if it were not for the traditions of the holidays, then even what is at the present time would not have remained long ago.

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