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Agna - chaste, holy
Agnese - chaste, holy
Agnet - chaste, holy
Adala - noble
Adalind is a noble snake
Adalwolfa - noble she-wolf
Adalheid - a noble species
Adalheidis - noble species
Adelinde is a noble snake
Adelinde is a noble snake
Adelinde is a noble snake
Adelonda is a noble snake
Adelheide - noble species
Adelheite - a noble species
Aleit - noble species
Alina is an abbreviation for longer names ending with "... alina"
Aloysia is a famous warrior
Albertina - bright nobility
Amalazuinta - strong, working
Amalie - work
Amalia - work
Amelinda - work and snake, dragon
Angelica - angelic
Aneli is goodness, grace and god is my oath
Anina - benefit, grace
Annalaisa - favor, grace and god is my oath
Annalis - favor, grace and god is my oath
Annalis - favor, grace and god is my oath
Anneli - goodness, grace and god is my oath
Annelin is goodness, grace and god is my oath
Annelis - goodness, grace and god of foxes is my oath
Annemarie - goodness, grace, and beloved
Anselma - Protecting God
Atala - noble

Barbel - foreign, strange
Belinda is a beautiful snake
Benedict - Blessed
Bertilda - a bright battle
Bindi is a beautiful snake
The beat is blessed
Brigitte - majestic, exalted
Bridget - majestic, exalted
Bruna - brown
Brunnhild - woman warrior
Brunhield - woman warrior
Brunhildt - woman warrior

Verena - sacred wisdom
Vibek - war
Wibk - war
Wigberg - war and fortress
Victoria - conqueror, victory
Wilda - wild
Wilhelmain - helmet
Vilhelmina - helmet
Volda - power, rule
Vreni - sacred wisdom

Gabi - strong from God
Gabrayale - strong from God
Gadrun - God's Secret Knowledge
Ganda - war
Gandula - war
Genovefa - white race
Gertie - the power of the spear
Gertraud - the power of the spear
Gertrude - the power of the spear
Gertrude - the power of the spear
Gertrudt - the power of the spear
Gratia - pleasing, pleasant
Gret - pearls
Greta - pearls
Gretta - pearls
Gretel - pearls
Grechen - small pearls
Gretchen - small pearl
Griselda - the gray maiden

Dagmar - damsel of the day
Jat - Jewish woman of Judea
Jata - Jewish woman of Judah
Jatta - Jewish woman of Judah
Jerd - nested, citadel
Jerdy - nested, citadel
Jerlynd is a spear and soft, gentle, weak
Jisa - bail
Jisela - pledge
Jeet - majestic, exalted
Jitta - majestic, exalted
Joseph - she will multiply
Jolenta - purple flower
Julian - youth
Dietrich - Queen of Nations

Ersel - a little bear

Zelda - the gray maiden
Zenzi - Emerging, Growing, Prosperous
Zibille - fortuneteller
Susanne - lily

Yvonet - yew tree
Yvon - yew tree
Idan - to love again
Isolde - ice rule
Ilma - helmet
Ils - god is my oath
Ilsa - god is my oath
Imk - whole, whole, universal
Imma - whole, whole, universal
Inge is the forefront
Injeborg - help, protection
Irma - whole, universal
Irmalinda - completely soft and tender
Irmgard - universal, whole and nested
Irmtrod - totally loved
Irmtrud - completely loved
Irmhield - versatile, whole and smitten

Kakili - blind
Kakiliya is blind
Karla is a man
Carlin is a man
Carlot is a man
Caroline is a human
Katarina is pure
Katrain - pure
Katrin - pure
Caitrin - pure
Kerstin is a follower of Christ
Keel - lover or friend
Kinj - withstanding war
Kirsa - cherry
Clara - clear, bright
Claramond - the shining protector
Clarimondt is a shining protector
Clasilda - famous battle
Conradine is a courageous advisor
Cordula - small heart
Corina - Virgo
Corinna - Virgo
Cressenz - emerging, growing, prosperous
Crescent - emerging, growing, prosperous
Krimhield - battle mask
Kristen is a follower of Christ
Christiana is a follower of Christ
Kunibert - brave, bright
Kunigand - surviving the war
Kate - clean
Catharine - pure
Katherine is pure

Latgard - protector of people
Leni - torch, moon or secretly escape
Leona - lion
Leonor - foreign, different
Liselot - God is my oath
Lees - god is my oath
Lily is god is my oath
Lilo is god is my oath
Fox - god - my oath
Fox - god - my oath
Lisbeth - God is my oath
Lycelot - God is my oath
Lisl - God is my oath
Lisel - god is my oath
Laura - laurel
Lore - laurel
Lorelei - muttering rocks
Lorelei - muttering rocks
Lot is god is my oath
Luitgard - Protector of the People
Lulu is a famous warrior
Luise is a famous warrior

Mine - helmet
Malazinta - strong, working
Malvine - smooth brow
Margarese - pearls
Margareta - pearl
Margarete - pearls
Margrese - pearls
Mareik - beloved
Maril - sweetheart
Marlene - the beloved from Magdala
Marlies - beloved god - my oath
Martha is a lady
Makhtildis - powerful in battle
Meik - beloved
Meta - pearl
Met - powerful in battle
Mechtild - powerful in battle
Minna - helmet
Minnie - helmet
Mirjam - beloved
Mitzi - sweetheart
Maud is powerful in battle
Maidd - powerful in battle

Naja - hope

Odelia is rich
Odila is rich
Odilia is rich
Olk - noble species
Ortrun - the secret of the point
Ottila - rich
Ottild - rich
Ottili is rich
Ottilie is rich
Ottoline is rich

Raik is a peaceful ruler
Raffaela - God Healed
Rebecca - The Trap
Reinhild - Battle Counselor
Renate - Reborn
Rosemarie - sweetheart
Roswitha is a known power
Rohesia - famous, prominent
Rupert - famous

Sabine - Sabine (river in the USA)
Sasha is the protector of humanity
Swanhield - the slain swan
Svanhilda - the slain swan
Svendzha - swan
Selma - god's protector
Senta - emerging, growing, prosperous
Siegild - Struck by Victory
Siglind - tender, slain
Siji - tender, slain
Sommer - Summer
Song - wisdom
Sophie - wisdom
Suz - lily

Tabeya - gazelle
Tatyana - father
Teresia the Reaper
Till is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Till"
Theresia the reaper

Ulrike - Prosperous and Power
Wahlberg - ruler of the fortress
Waltrod is a foreign force
Ears - a little bear

Feliki - lucky
Francis - free
Freja - lady, mistress
Freed - the power of an elf
Frederik is a peaceful ruler
Fritzi - the peaceful ruler
Frock is the little lady

Khadwijis - fighting, war
Heinrike - House Ruler
Hann is a good god
Hannelore - God is kind and foreign, another
Hedwig - fighting, war
Hedi - fighting, war
Heilwig - a healthy battle
Heilvidis - very healthy
Helene - torch, moon or secretly escape
Helma - helmet
Helmain - helmet
Helwidis - very healthy
Henrique - House Ruler
Hermine - Army Man
Heald - slain
Hildegard - battle guard
Hildegaird - wrestling
Hiltrod - the strength of the battle
Hiltrud - the power of battle
Hiltrude - the power of battle
Hilda - slain
Hrodohaydis - famous, prominent
Hulda is attractive

Schuonhield - the slain swan

Eleanor - foreign, different
Elk - noble species
Ellie is god is my oath
Holly - the power of an elf
Elfrid - the power of an elf
Elsa - god is my oath
Emily rival
Emma - whole, universal
Erma - whole, universal
Ermelinda - completely soft and tender
Ermentraud - totally loved
Ermentrod is totally loved
Ermentrud - totally loved
Ermintrude - totally loved
Ermtraud - totally loved
Ermtrud - totally loved
Erna - fighting death
Ernst - fighting death

Ut - child

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