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Meaning of the name

Greek, name of a Phrygian king.


Gordey is the name of the Phrygian king, who, according to legend, tied a knot, which Alexander the Great cut with his sword. First of all, in the energy of the name Gordey, balanced firmness and sufficient activity are noticeable.

By its characteristic sound, it is quite open, but here there can be an obvious association with the concept of pride, which can significantly weaken openness, and in some cases even lead to some isolation of Gordey.

Indeed, often, in order to avoid suspicions of excessive pride, a person with this name has to not only hide his independence and negative emotions, but also diligently pretend that it does not touch him much. Otherwise, he will simply be forced to withdraw into himself, as befits a natural proud man. This name endows a person with many wonderful qualities.

Gordey is a positive person: he is modest, with an easygoing, peaceful character, an optimist, moderate in the use of alcohol (and the "summer" ones are not drinking at all). Sometimes he gives the impression of an indecisive person because of the desire to stay in the shadows, not to stand out. In fact, this is an active nature, infecting others with its energy.

Gordey is an excellent conversationalist and witty storyteller, in company he is irreplaceable. He is balanced, tolerant, knows how to listen to someone else's opinion (this does not apply to "winter" ones, who, on the contrary, are quick-tempered over trifles and impatient).

Men with this name are usually talented, among them there are many creative personalities: artists, dancers, journalists, translators. Will successfully melt into medicine. They are fortunate and achieve a strong position in society.

Gordey is usually a more reliable and devoted friend. He can be very considerate, but he also hates boasting. He has enough comrades, but Gordey usually considers his real friend to be the one to whom he can entrust his deepest and often frightening thoughts and feelings. With this person he could go through both fire and water.


Gordey is shy and modest, does not seek to be the center of attention, unobtrusive. He knows how to entertain women, enjoys success with them. Gordey will prefer to have sexual intercourse with an agreeable partner who does not create conflict situations.

He does not like scandals and does everything to not give her a reason for quarrels. Gordey is skilled in foreplay, skillfully brings his girlfriend to orgasm, enjoys her satisfaction.

His easy demeanor, patience and ability to understand a woman bring a kind of warmth and trust into sexual relations. However, Gordey is a person of mood, and the partner should remember this. The slightest interference during an intimate relationship or a woman's nervousness can ruin the whole evening.

Gordey is easily aroused, voluptuous and temperamental, often, even after orgasm, the state of erection does not leave him. Gordey's climax is stormy. He does not hold back emotions, loudly expresses satisfaction.

Gordey does not recognize casual sexual relations without sympathy for his partner. Otherwise, the erotic phase ends without a pronounced climax or simply the absence of an erection. Gordey carefully studies the sexual needs of a friend, during intercourse, takes into account all her characteristics, tries to satisfy her desires.

The ability to love and enjoyment affects his spiritual development, plays a role in his formation as a person, stimulates his activity and well-being in the intimate sphere.

Gordey is jealous, and his romances are often somewhat exalted. The family is too strict and demanding of his wife, jealous. Helps his wife with the housework. Children of different sexes are born. May enter into a second marriage. Poor compatibility with mother-in-law.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Gordey gives the impression of something angular, rough, courageous, strong, mobile, fast, bright.

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