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Meaning of the name

Khariton translated from ancient Greek means "supportive".


Khariton from childhood is stubborn, persistent, fair, obligatory. Khariton has many friends. He is sociable, cheerful, has a good sense of humor. Khariton is often asked for advice in a particular life situation.

If Khariton got down to business, then he will carry out it efficiently and with special zeal. Khariton is used to doing everything thoroughly. Even if something not particularly important for Khariton fails, he will cease to respect himself and will strive to correct the mistake. If Khariton decided something, he would never back down.

Khariton is not good at understanding people. He is often confused by the appearance of a person, he believes that a person who is pleasant in appearance cannot be unkind at heart. Khariton is principled, constant in his convictions. His life goals are always clear and specific.

Khariton, born in winter, is somewhat quick-tempered, sometimes boring. Performs the work thoroughly. When Khariton is working, it is better not to distract him, even on business. He can work in any specialty that does not require working with numbers. He doesn't like to count money.

Khariton, born in summer, is calculating, careful, not too sociable, vulnerable, touchy.

Khariton is a monogamous woman, he gets married once. Khariton's family is strong, friendly, as a rule, many children. Despite the devotion of his wife, Khariton is terribly jealous.


Khariton is a gentle, not having a special temperament, not self-confident, lover. He has enough sex with his wife. He himself is loyal to his wife, and demands loyalty from her. Khariton is jealous, and constantly needs proof of love and devotion to his beloved.

Before marriage, Khariton usually has experience of sexual relations, but very little, and, usually, not very successful.

For Khariton, sex is an act that is necessary for the conception of children, and last but not least, it is a process that gives pleasure. Khariton prefers calm sex, no screaming, no innovation.

Khariton is shocked if his faithful decides to diversify their sex life, for example, puts on leather underwear, or tries to dance him a striptease.

Khariton, after this, for a while with apprehensive glances at his wife, refuses to be intimate with her. But soon the fear passes, and their life returns to its former, quiet channel.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Khariton gives the impression of something complex, high, long.

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