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Aguya - Lady of Fire
Aisa - melody
Aita - friendly, decent, good
Alma - apple tree
Altana - golden
Alvina is a mischievous girl
Amulanga - calm

Baira - joy
Baina is rich
Baigala - nature
Buinta is a virtue
Bulgun - sable
Bulta - downy

Gilyana is white and clean. bright way
Gilan is white, clean. bright way
Gel - white, clean. bright way
Gerel - light, moon

Jirgal - collecting happiness

Zambaga - magnolia
Zamira - joy
Zayana - destiny

Ilyana - clear, open
Idzhilya - Volzhanka
Idzhilina - Volzhanka
Figira is a sweet fruit
Figs are a sweet fruit

Kermen - squirrel
Kermyash - squirrel
Kitschkilda - valuable
Keke - blue, blue

Naiha - hope
Nogala - hare, spring hare
Nude - beautiful eyes

Oyuna - wise

Sarana - lily
Suvsana - a pearl
Sarula - the moon
Sagler - flowering or blooming growing or fluffy

Tevkya ​​- scythe
Tevkyash - scythe

Ulyumdzhana - Wednesday
Ulan - red
Uulya is a needlewoman
Ulya is a needlewoman

Tsagana - white
Tsagan - white
Tserena - longevity, salvation
Tsetsg - flower

Elsa - happy, rich
Elta - happy, rich
Enkira - sweet, affectionate

Yangina - euphonious, songstress

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