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Meaning of the name

Lavrenty translated from Latin means "resident of the city of Lavrenty", comes from the name of the laurel tree, symbolizing the triumph of the winner.


Despite the fact that the origin of the names Laurus and Laurentius is different, the commonality of their energetics allows us to consider them in one section. And due to today's rarity and consonance of these names, the consciousness of most people considers them as variations of one name.

Although the sign of the zodiac and the planet are making their own adjustments Laurus may strive for leadership, while he is quite balanced, but endowed with colossal pride often reacts too sharply to any conflict situation.

A special role is played by the image of Stalin's right hand - Lavrenty Beria. Having such a namesake, called almost the main culprit of the Stalinist repressions, it is not surprising if the modern Lavra will have to defend his honor and dignity more than once.

Such reminders can be perceived by him too painfully, however, not prone to aggressiveness and knowing how to maintain balance, Laurus can easily overcome this negative influence and assert himself in society.

It is interesting that until his position in the team becomes strong enough. Laurel is in no hurry to show his desire for leadership. But in his usual circle, his volitional qualities and the ability to balance his deep emotions, as if by themselves, provide him with a place of a leader. He could make a wonderful managerial worker, not devoid of the same creative imagination.

Taking advantage of the ability to balance your passions and feelings. Laurel often discovers excellent analytical skills and an insightful mind. In a word, he has every chance to realize himself in a wide variety of spheres of human activity, but the only thing that he, perhaps, lacks for full success and happiness is a sense of humor.

Lavra is usually difficult to influence, and even more so to command him, so if you want to persuade him to do something, in no case should you try to use force. The only way to influence him without unnecessary complications is to call on logic for help. This will also help to avoid unwanted conflicts and misunderstandings.

From a young age, Lavrenty too succumbs to female charm. He loves his wife, but often cheats on her.

Lavrenty is an excellent player who easily overcomes defeats and failures. Likes to be surrounded by friends, men and women, to go for walks, picnics.


An intelligent, well-mannered person. However, he transforms in bed: he is passionate, persistent, does not tolerate rejection. An experienced lover, he knows all the intricacies of sex, has a good technique.

Not every partner can hope for a long-term relationship, he is picky, often changes girlfriends, looking for a temperamental and insatiable woman in sex.

Lawrence's needs are too great, and not everyone can fully satisfy him. Therefore, he needs to have several partners.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Lawrence gives the impression of something safe, powerful.

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