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Knyshev's postulate

Any educated person who can read and write, in the end must decide for himself: so what to do after all - read or write?

Congruence law

There is no such empty writer who would not find himself a reader.

Ilf's hypothesis

If the reader does not know the writer, then the writer is to blame, not the reader.

Soldatkin's readability paradox

There are writers who are brilliant but not read. There are no brilliant, but not readable journalists.

Shulaev's supplement

Everyone who works in journalism should ask himself at least once in his life why he is doing this.

Seeger's Law

Anything in parentheses can be ignored.

Jones Publishing Law

When you print a book, a few errors always creep into it that no one will notice.

Bloch Corollary

Having opened a signal copy on an arbitrary page, the author immediately stumbles upon the most gross error.

Shulaev's supplement

The most gross errors are typed in the largest size.

Fuller's Laws of Journalism

The farther a disaster or accident occurs from you, the more fatalities and injuries are required to make a newspaper report.

Laws of truthfulness in reporting

The closer you are to the facts described in the press, the more obvious the errors in the presentation of this material.
The further you are from these facts, the more likely you are to believe the message.

Law of writing

As soon as the letter is sealed, fresh thoughts come to mind.

Keithman's law

Pure delirium tends to displace ordinary delusion from the television screen.

Atwood's law

Only those books that you especially value are "read".

Johnson's law

The issue of the magazine you have lost contains exactly the article, story or fragment of a novel that you urgently would like to read.


All your friends either did not have this number, or it is lost, or thrown away.

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