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Meaning of the name

Manuela translated from Hebrew means "the definition of God."


Little Manuela is excitable, quickly loses her temper, she has a difficult character. She gets tired quickly, she needs long sleep and rest. She does well at school. He has many friends, but few friends, since he does not show sufficient respect for his classmates.

Adult Manuela is active, inclined to take everything to heart. Has a choleric temperament, quickly loses his temper. People around her consider her proud and cold, but in fact she is a timid and not self-confident person.

Manuela is intelligent, lives an interesting and eventful life. She treats others with suspicion, takes any remark very painfully. She is capable of attacks of anger that simply shock others.

Manuela has an extremely developed intellect, considers herself smarter than others, never loses faith in herself. She has a strong will, but is not always able to bring the matter to the end.

In life, she needs success, failures completely unsettle Manuela. Most often he succeeds in the field of journalism or advertising. Manuela's health is in direct proportion to her psyche.


Manuela is a beautiful and effective woman, dresses well, likes to surround themselves with people who are pleasant and at the same time useful. Her living room is full of guests.

However, Manuela is indifferent to fans, and they will have to spend a lot of effort to get her attention. She is sweet and graceful, and at the same time callous and intolerant of people, in general, and men in particular.

Manuela idealizes her future partner so much that it becomes problematic to meet such a person. But if, nevertheless, she is lucky, she is ready to forget about all the conventions, she is capable of showing violent passion and giving a man unforgettable erotic experiences.

Having married, she manifests herself as a good and hospitable hostess, however, impulsiveness and resentment can complicate her married life.



A rock

Rock crystal, diamond, ruby.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus.


The sound of Manuel's name gives the impression of something courageous, brave, big, majestic, good, safe, loud, smooth, cold, slow, slow, powerful.

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