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Meaning of the name

Marceline means "hammer" in Latin.


In childhood, little Marceline looks like a nimble and cunning fox, and is no less curious. She is a typical introvert, she does not always say what she thinks. She has an extremely balanced character, does not lend itself to other people's influence.

Marceline's reaction is somewhat slowed down, however, if necessary, Marceline is able to react with lightning speed. Her imagination is only slightly inferior to intelligence.

Growing up, Marceline shows a deep understanding of the psychology of the people around her and her own acting skills, and she prefers to play various roles not on stage, but in life.

Adult Marceline is a balanced, power-hungry, selfish, dexterous woman who knows how to adapt to any circumstances. Maybe, when necessary, pretend to be a simpleton. Appears to be a meek, weak woman, but this is just a mask. She has a strong will, developed intuition, a deep analytical mind.

Marceline always achieves what she wants, never gets down to business until she finds out what she is working for. For the sake of satisfying desires and ambitions, he can neglect moral principles, easily appropriate others' merits and will stop at nothing.

Marceline is interested in high-tech new technologies, especially in the field of electronics. She is making great strides in journalism, television and radio, and jurisprudence. If she has the ability to select employees or subordinates, she is able to create an able-bodied, close-knit team, in which each person is in his place.


Marceline has the gift of quickly meeting people, she is amorous and extremely sexy. Surrounded by fans, but always in control of herself.

Marceline is well versed in people, so it is unlikely that she will be able to lure a gigolo or a heartthrob into the net - Marceline will feel the essence of a man's relationship to herself in the very first minutes of her acquaintance and will remain cold to a calculating partner, showing attention to a man in love with her.

She adores strong, strong-willed men, however, since she herself has a rather strong will, she cannot maintain a relationship with such a partner for a long time. Explosions of passion in bed are replaced by an equally passionate showdown.

Therefore, the chosen one of Marceline most often becomes a man who does not have a strong will, which allows her to take a leading role in the family. Such a marriage is usually successful.

Marceline is able to create a cozy home, she is a wonderful housewife, a loving mother, her children are healthy and smart.



A rock

Amethyst, opal.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


Marceline's word gives the impression of something good, safe.

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