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This company has always been closed and mysterious. It is known that the beginning of the glorious history was laid by Frank Mars.

It is worth starting the story from the 19th century. In 1883, Franklin Clarence Mars was born, who later became the founder of a huge sweet empire. Frank grew up in a poor family, so he was forced to start working early. By the age of 19, the guy was already actively selling sweets, which determined his future fate. Frank's business talent quickly exploded. He began to receive more and more revenue and rise up the career ladder. When Mars began to earn good money, he bought himself a house and married the girl Ethel, who later became his main assistant.

In 1911, Mars turned 28 years old. The man realized that it was time to do something of his own. He quits his job and, together with his wife, opens his own confectionery shop. It was located right in the home of the Mars family. The trade was organized right through the kitchen window. Sales began to grow, in the same year 1911 the Mar-O-Bar company was registered.

It turned out that from the very beginning Frank dreamed of his own business. His dream began to come true, he could forget about the hired work. Initially, the assortment consisted of only sweets with different fillings. But then a thought came to Frank's head that changed his whole life, like his business. Walking around the city with his son, the father saw how little Forrest wanted chocolate.

At that time, chocolate was sold exclusively by weight, which was inconvenient for people. Indeed, on hot days it was impossible to eat it neatly, the sweetness was trying to stain it. And then Frank thought about a new way of serving chocolate. He decided to sell small slices wrapped in foil. Not only was the idea interesting, but it also did not require large expenditures for its implementation. The family made a joint decision to try this method. The result was the Milky Way chocolate bar. It literally became a real hit in a matter of days.

In the early 1920s, a young and promising company opened its first factory. It was located in the suburbs of Chicago. The staff grew, new products appeared. Among them was born the future legend - "Snickers", whose popularity is great today. In 1925, Milky Way was recognized as the leader in the chocolate market.

Forrest Mars grew up, who graduated from Yale University. With this education, he decided to go into business. According to one version, he opened his own business in England, which had nothing to do with his father's and sweets. According to another version, the son quarreled with his father and left America. In any case, the younger Mars received money for business development and the exclusive right to produce chocolate outside the United States.

In 1932, Forrest in Slow acquired a building to establish a new factory. Employees were soon hired and production began. It was there that another legendary product of the company was born - the Mars bar. But Forrest just wasn't. At first, the company could not even produce its own chocolate, buying it from a competitor, Cadbury. When comparing father and son, parallels can be drawn, their fates intersected in places. Both of them were engaged in the creation of confectionery, but then the son decided to increase the influence of his company by increasing the range, including in other types of products.

It was thanks to Forrest that the company went into animal feed, and thus Whiskas and Pedigree were born. A little later, another important discovery was made - M & M sweets. By that time, Frank had already died of heart failure in 1934. If he came up with the Milky Way, then his son brought a new type of product to the company's assets - M & M sweets. And Forrest came up with them when he was in Spain on a business trip.

The businessman noticed that small chocolates melt quickly in people's hands. It was immediately decided to release such sweets in a special protective shell. As a result, M & M was greeted with enthusiasm in the market. Surprised by this, Forrest reduced the volume of other products, focusing on the new product. The younger Mars even decided to change the name of his company to a new one, M & M Ltd.

The course to expand the assortment continued - Uncle Ben’s, the leader in the instant rice market, was acquired. Since Forrest had several serious brands in his hands, he had to more and more often return to his homeland, to America. In 1964, the companies of father and son merged, and this is how M & M / Mars appeared, already then becoming a real giant. At that time, the company was very closed, like Apple today. Nevertheless, information about the internal order was leaked.

First of all, the company strictly controlled the quality of its products. True, it was still far from the level of the Japanese. Forrest himself did not hesitate to get personal and openly criticize subordinates. But that doesn't mean he didn't appreciate them. On the contrary, he realized that his company was entirely dependent on the work of the team. That is why the best conditions were created for people. Thus, Forrest created a single space in the office, abandoning partitions and offices.

This had a positive effect on the employees, who, thanks to this step, felt like a single team. Now any employee could quickly convey information to the right person, including the manager himself. At the end of the last century, Mars established its own training center, where all employees underwent preliminary training. All of these innovations have become groundbreaking.

Today, the company is headed by the third generation of Mars. Frank's grandchildren, Franklin, Forrest Jr. and John, are in charge of the fate of a large brand. But they are not directly involved in the affairs of the company, having delegated these powers to a hired manager - Paul Michaels.

Today the Mars concern has 175 enterprises, employing 50 thousand people. The company has annual revenue of $ 25 billion. It operates in three main areas - confectionery, animal feed, and beverage vending machines that accept paper money. Mars owns such well-known brands as M & M, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Bounty, Skittles, Whiskas, Chappy, Pedigree, Royal Canin, Dove, Uncle Ben's and many others.

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