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Theria of relativity for children

In a fast-moving car, time flows more slowly.

Courtesy rules for drivers

If you allow someone to embed in front of you, then:

a) either the car next in front will have time to pass the railway crossing, and the barrier will go down right in front of you;

b) either you both go to the same place, and that car will take the last parking spot right in front of you.

Mackey's Law

When you are not in a hurry, you find yourself in the "green wave".

Miller's Insurance Law

Car insurance covers everything except what happens most often.

Riesz's law

The speed of an approaching vehicle is directly proportional to the length of the pedestrian crossing.

The principle of traffic on Milstead

If you need to stop at a traffic light to fix your makeup, a green light will turn on everywhere in front of you.

Lofki traffic law

There is no oncoming traffic as long as you do not need to make a left turn.

Definition of Quarantine

A bus is a vehicle that always travels from the other side and in the opposite direction.

Jin Law for Trucking

Any vehicle used as a backup vehicle breaks down immediately after the primary vehicle fails.

Cycling Law

Wherever you go, it's always uphill and against the wind.

Humphreys Cycling Act

The shortest route is the steepest hills.

Jaroslavsky's law

The distance from the place where you had to park the car to your apartment grows in proportion to the weight of the bags and packages that you carry.

Deip's parking postulate

If there are only two cars left in the parking lot, one of them will block the other.

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