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These men are a kind of business person - calm, patient, balanced, knowing their goals and methods to achieve them.

Successful cooperation can be achieved with such people. They are often chosen as business partners and they usually do not fail.

The Arkadyevichs are diplomatic, which can be very useful in negotiations. In life, they are driven by healthy pragmatism, they are easy to learn and usually, albeit not immediately, solve their problems.

These men have an oratorical gift, which they enjoy and use. He can easily be entrusted with a responsible performance.

In the matter of finances, the Arkadievichs are just as prudent and careful. From them you can hardly expect a reckless party with a crazy waste of money.

Arkadievichs are usually in the first roles, at work and in the family. You will not find a "henpecked man" among them, as they value their independence very much.

Family values ​​are not an empty phrase for them, the wife sees in him a reliable loving spouse, and the parents - an attentive and caring son.

For children, the Arkadyevichs are an indisputable authority, they do not like to mess with children, but they confidently control the upbringing process.

Such women are very impulsive. Despite their attractiveness, communication with them is not easy. Many consider them to be two-faced. After all, their words often disagree with thoughts. Their irascibility, categoricalness scares away new acquaintances.

But the Arkadyevna are very attached to the few old ones, to those who are used to them. Each friend is "worth its weight in gold" for them. And parting with them is very difficult, because finding a new friend and getting used to him is so hard.

A sports career is usually not for them, they lack the perseverance and self-control to achieve their goals.

They are smart and savvy. Arkadyevna love and know how to work, which is appreciated by colleagues. They are not alien to career motives, but rely mainly on their own strength, which, probably, often hinders their advancement.

Family life is not easy. This is not the case when they say about a family - "quiet family happiness". At home, dishes can fly, screams can be heard. Often Arkadyevna has several husbands.

Perhaps she thinks that the problem is not in her, but in them, but, having curbed her incontinence and irascibility, Arkadyevna may well create a strong family.

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